Sorbonne Paris Cité Master’s program in Chemistry results from the partnership between Paris Diderot and Paris Descartes Universities. The molecular Chemistry towards Life’ sciences developed at Paris Descartes answers to the physical chemistry oriented towards nanoscience, surfaces and energy developed at Paris Diderot. The Master’s program is supported by high-level research laboratories with international reputation and network.

The Master’s Program comprises two years of education.

The first year (M1) provides a general education in chemistry with a fine balance between physical chemistry and molecular chemistry. At the end of this first year, a 4-month long training period in high-level research laboratories or industrial R&D department complete the program. Abroad training period are strongly encouraged.

The second year (M2) proposes two specialties, among which one provides the courses in English. These two specialties, Chemistry and Energy, Nanosciences - Surfaces (CHENS) and Frontiers in Chemistry, are qualifying Master’s programs that focus on rapidly growing international research fields offering prospects for sustainable economic development. A second 6-month long training period completes the formation as well as the personal professional project of each student.

After receiving their diplomas, the students can either look for a position in the industry as junior executive or enter into a PhD program. The main areas of economic activity targeted by the graduate students concerns the domains of chemistry (cosmetics, health, textiles, …), energy (photovolatics, fuel cells,…), environment (non-polluting materials, remediation,…), aeronautics (composites, surface treatments, …), vehicles (batteries, supercondensators, …) and buildings (thermally insulating coatings, …). Our Master’s program can also lead to positions and jobs not directly related to research such as consulting, patenting, scientific edition, and commercialization.

The Master’s program aims at providing strong professional skills while developing student’s creativity and innovation ability.


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Well accompanied students

The strength of our Master is to provide personalized quality support and for all students.

For example, to facilitate the integration of students, electronic and interactive refreshing courses will be implemented from autumn 2016 concerning diverse knowledge in organic chemistry, crystallography, electrochemistry...

Sorbonne Paris Cité Master’s Programs in Chemistry at the virtual education fair !

The second “Study in France” Virtual Education Fair dedicated to the promotion of French high-education program for the asian audience. Motivated by the French Consulate in Hong Kong and Macao, the event is co-organized by 9  french university cooperation representative in Asia.