2nd year speciality Chemistry, Energy, Nanosciences & Surfaces (CHENS)

This 2nd year (M2) speciality Chemistry and Energy, Nanosciences - Surfaces (CHENS) proposes a formation in scientific and economic domain in high growth ( functional nanostructured materials and surfaces, renewable energy conversion and storage) in line with major society issues.

This is a qualifying and professionalizing program through high-level research and education, with well-known specialists and members of the socio-economic world.

This specialty aims at forming professionals possessing both the capacity to design and develop new functional materials, surfaces and catalysts as well as skills in the association between advances in research and industrial demands in order to contribute to innovative projects in highly competitive areas of chemistry.

The common core provides to the students an expertise in physical chemistry of surfaces, interfaces, and materials and focusing on the specific properties of nanostructures and nanomaterials.

The first option, Nanochemistry-Materials-Surfaces (NMS) provide a strong knowledge in the field of the surface characterization and modification. Other topics to be addressed are the impact of interfaces on diverse material properties, intermediate state of matter (gels, colloids, nanoparticles), and the emergence of nanostructured materials and functional nanomaterials.

These functional materials and surfaces are the building blocks  of nanosystems et are the object of intense development in numerous domains of chemistry, physics and biology (mechanic, food industry, microelectronic, materials ...), with the ultimate goal to create new products.

The second option, Chemistry and Energy (ChimEN) aims to provide to the students a detailed education relative to major technological issues and the physico-chmical concepts related to the renewable energy conversion and storage, especially using solar energy as a primary source. The role of nanoscience and of complex molecular systems in the conception of new materials will be particularly addressed.


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Well accompanied students

The strength of our Master is to provide personalized quality support and for all students.

For example, to facilitate the integration of students, electronic and interactive refreshing courses will be implemented from autumn 2016 concerning diverse knowledge in organic chemistry, crystallography, electrochemistry...

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